High Speed Web Hosting for Business

Premium Web Hosting at Affordable Prices


Big Kahuna Hosting is a web hosting company for web sites requiring a dependable high performance server — without the big managed dedicated server price or head aches.

Your typical discount web hosting will use cheap low performance servers, and then pack as many as 2500 sites (fighting over the limited resources) onto it. Many spammers and hackers bounce between these overloaded discount servers, as they are constantly being thrown off when their spam campaigns are found to be what has brought the server down, or all sites on the server have been black listed for their actions. You clearly get what you pay for when you go with a discount web host.

Many businesses are at the other end of the spectrum. They usually buy or lease very expensive managed dedicated servers, as they cannot afford to have a slow web site, or for it to constantly being down from spammer’s run away scripts. However, many of them only use a small portion of the server’s resources — creating a great opportunity for a limited few rational web masters.

Vacancy – Host Accounts Currently Available

Big Kahuna Hosting is different. We are the seldom found option that sells a limited amount of hosting accounts on an under utilized (but overbuilt) dedicated sever to help offset the server costs. For those web sites needing dedicated server features and performance, we limit the number of web sites to a very small fraction of what you would find on a discount shared server. While we charge slightly more that the discount web hosts — our hosting fees are but a very small percentage of the cost for a managed dedicated server.

Our servers are state of the art high performance machines, with precision tuned operating software and web master tools. Each site is automatically backed up nightly — with daily, weekly, and monthly backups maintained. A pair of 1GB Drives are not only mirrored, but the RAID itself has a battery backup to ensure data integrity.