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Started by Big Kahuna, October 26, 2019, 11:37:25 AM

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Big Kahuna

Revive is a free to use click banner ad application. If you go to many of the web sites used as examples for the various applications, you will see some have Leader Board ads at the top and/or bottom of the page and/or sidebars. This is an application where your advertisers get a report (as often as you set up) on how many times their banners displayed (viewed) and on what sites, and the number of visits (clicks) sent to their site. You can charge them based on the number if views or clicks.

In the application you set up your Advertisers, their campaigns (they may have many for different seasons) and their banners. Then you set up websites and what banners are to appear on them. You'll get an "Invocation Code" that you place in the location if the web site you want to display. You then charge the advertisers based on the views or clicks. There are budget limit settings you can set if an advertiser doesn't want to pay more than $100 month. Once that's hit, it stops displaying the ad for that customer. The invocation code causes the ads rotate in the locations set up on the web site. So 100 customers might rotate on the same space - based on their budget.

You not only can have the banners rotate kn your site(s), but can sell the service to the active web sites, either giving them a flat amount or a percentage of the revenue.

While there are many ad server applications, this the one I've used for the last ten years. It may be the best, it may be the worst, but it does everything I need and is simple.