Customers That We Want

Started by Big Kahuna, March 07, 2021, 02:51:32 PM

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Big Kahuna

In the below threads there are rules of customers we don't want, and why we don't want them.

So that we don't sound like a bunch of pricks not wanting any customers, the below list are the types of customers we do want. Sort of a good neighbor list.

  • WordPress Sites. A lot of people think "Blog" when they think of WordPress. They did start out as a blog, and are the best at it. However, over the years, the addition of new themes and plugins has made it the number one choice to create an inexpensive business or organization web site. This server is optimized for WordPress.
  • ECommerce stores for small business. Applications like Zencart and OCommerce give webmasters the ability to create ecommerce stores with 1,000s of items to sell on-line, process payments, calculate shipping, collect/remit sales tax, process coupon codes, print pick and packing lists, ship, inventory control and reporting. We're the perfect server for this accounts - so long as they don't do a crazy number of emailing customers for promotions. There are services that better use eCommerce customer mailing lists to do your promotion marketing. BKH uses WordPress for our site.
  • On-line personal photo albums
  • Personal Cloud for those wanting portability and total control over their privacy
  • Real Estate Agents. There are plenty of applications for real estate agents
  • Forums. Forums run great on our server - even huge ones - so long as your are doing mass emailing too frequently
  • Wikis. We have quite a few Wikis. Family wikis, where ancestral history is collaborated on by family members. Business Wikis for the development, trading, repair, and develop a Knowledgebase of products they sell. Hobby Interests like for Mopar history.
  • Classified Ad Web Sites
  • Support and Trouble tickets to report issues, assign to someone to resolve, and develop a Knowledgebase
  • Polls, Surveys, Statistics, Framework, Portals, projects, invoicing, CRM, education, groupware or?

When in doubt or if we'd be a good fit - just ask.