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Most of the shared Web Host companies will have thousands of web sites, each with very limited resources. Big Kahuna Hosting is different, as the server is privately owned by The Big Kahuna for a handful of web sites he administers. He didn’t have the patience of being a Webmaster sharing the the resources of a barebones server with thousands of others, and site visitors didn’t have the patience of a slow web site. The Big Kahuna had a fully loaded server, having the fastest processors and maximum RAM available.

Currently, the server is dozens of average size sites away from even breaking a sweat, so there are limited opportunities for a couple of very busy sites or many small business or personal sites. When the server’s heart rate increases slightly, but prior to it sweating, no further sites will be allowed and the No Vacancy sign will be hung out.

The server will always be high performing, up to date on operating software, backed up nightly and monitored 24/7 by a support staff – but there is no hand-holding on user questions or fixing their screw ups as part of the hosting. Each hosting account comes with Cpanel to set up email accounts/forwarding/auto responders, add databases and users, set up any FTP accounts, view statistics, and perform dozens of other tasks – and their is full user documentation. If you’ve never used a hosting control panel before, its really very simple stuff and seldom needed. BKH will have a user forum to ask your questions, and a support ticket system to report trouble – if ever encountered. In the event you were to ever get yourself in trouble, you won’t be left stranded, but there will be a reasonable charge to bail you out with the best option.

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