Vbulletin Connect 5 Installed with a year of hosting Internet

I have three perpetual licenses of Vbulletin Connect 5.0, but now only use one. As such I’m selling the transfer on my license in the other two. I will sell/transfer (all 100% legit and legal) a license, install it on my fast server, transfer to you and your site, set up your forums, Create your logo into a graphic, set up the look and feel you want and provide you with a year of hosting for $499. $200 a year thereafter. Always available hourly should you wish more customization.

Vbulletin will only install, upgrade and run only on fast servers that do not limit your resources. I twice made the mistake (2001 and again in 2018) tried on a shared server (the last Go Daddy) – and the frustration was unbearable.

My remaining Active Vbulletin site is www.moparweb.com – if you’re interested in what a Vbulletin site looks like. Perfect for:

  • Car Clubs
  • Youth Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Religious Organizations
  • Sales and Support Boards
  • Gaming Boards
  • Artists & Musicians
  • Cities, Towns, neighborhoods
  • Hobbyists
  • Country Clubs
  • Just about anything with a membership or group of followers

Classified Ad Web Site Installed

Would you like to have a top notch Classified Ad Web Site? Among the many reasons for having one is income from the monetization by:

  • Charging for all ads
  • Giving a limited number of free Ads and charging for additional
  • Charging for certain categories (for instance Craig’s List charges $5 for vehicle ads)
  • Charging for premium features
  • Banner advertising

I’ve tried many and the best is OS-Class. Below is a description of the application:

Osclass is your one-stop shop to building your own classifieds marketplace. Create a site with real estate ads, job listings, car classifieds, rentals, or just create a marketplace.
With dozens of themes and plugins, Osclass is fully customizable.
Osclass classifieds support hundreds of thousands of listings and users, hundreds of categories and unlimited number of installed plugins without slowing down system.
Currently there are thousands of osclass installations and still growing, project is open source and available on github.

Basically the application is open source, and free of charge to use. There are many themes and plugins, with the useful ones costing less than $50 each. The most tricky part is installing into a host account. A little less tricky is the initial set up and configuration, installation of a theme and addons. From there setting up your categories gets easier. Once that is done, little is required to maintained the site other than monitoring the ads placed.

OS-Class can be installed and hosted by Big Kahuna Hosting with the following options:

  • Plan A: The database and user created and script installed. One year hosting on the Big Kahuna hosting plan. $499
  • Plan B: Plan A plus – setup, site configuration, install theme, enable recaptcha, configure mail server, configure users. $749
  • Plan C: Plan B plus – Social media addon installed and configured, PayPal addon installed and configured, desired additional fields added to ad form, categories created and arranged as desired. Cost & hourly added to the $749.

I can do as little or as much as you want. An example of a working Classified Ad web site is Old Hippie’s Ads.

Photo Hosting At Big Kahuna Hosting

We are now offering a service to install a professional quality Photo Gallery onto your hosting account.

Select the Installation Service menu choice and then the Piwigo Sub-Menu choice. That page will tell you why this is the best choice for photo galleries, direct you to an Example photo album – to give you an idea of how categories and sub-categories work, a link to the developers site for the features and benefits, and documentation.


Big Kahuna Hosting has the following Vacancies:

  • 26 Little Kahuna Plans (Blogs, Small Forums, Small Business…)
  • 11 Big Kahuna Plans (Medium Size Businesses, Large & Active Forums, moderate eCommerce Selling, photo albums…)
  • 2 Enterprise Plans (Larger Businesses needing a lot of email accounts, disk storage, processing resources, heavy eCommerce sales, no resource restrictions or throttling …

Click the Hosting Plans link for more information.